The Central Colorado Library System is a public agency, one of seven multitype regional library service systems established in Colorado by the state legislature in 1976 for the purpose of assisting member libraries and media agencies in providing improved services to their users through systematic inter-library cooperation.

Colorado Law allows all publicly funded libraries to be members of a regional library system.

CCLS also offers associate memberships to profit organizations and non-profit, privately funded libraries such as those at hospitals, private schools, or colleges. System membership is free.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Central Colorado Library System is to support and enhance the services that member libraries across Colorado provide to their patrons.

CCLS is a customer-centered organization and values personal integrity, knowledge of current trends and issues in librarianship, good management, and the contribution that all libraries: academic, public, school, and special; make to the well-being of their patrons and the community as a whole. CCLS supports the profession of librarianship and programs and activities that improve library service in Colorado by:

  • Providing leadership in the development and coordination of resource sharing opportunities statewide;
  • Providing leadership in the implementation of programs that promote and improve library services;
  • Developing pilot projects that are risk-taking in nature;
  • Providing continuing education and training for librarians and library staff;
  • Facilitating communication among libraries statewide; and
  • Helping Colorado library organizations serve their members.

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